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We managed to gain access to SG Nasi Lemak before it shut down and found four primary purposes of the group.

CIRCULATE LEWD IMAGES/VIDEOS Forming the biggest bulk of the content was pornographic and voyeuristic material of women.

You are the stupidest ever person to let your BF/GF take SEXUAL VIDEOS to be leaked out all over the social media platform not just telegram STUPID! As for SG nasi lemak, the ladies are not aware of their picture being used for y'all sicko to jerk off.

” Speaking to Asia One, an anonymous member of SG Nasi Lemak expressed her disdain over the pornographic content, maintaining that she visited the group only to purchase vaping juices needed for her Juul e-cigarette. Eiy09R9Pe— xxx (@_nadyyah_) October 1, 2019 Since then, SG Nasi Lemak is no longer available on Telegram, though it’s unclear if the Singapore Police Force played any role in it.

Consider it another "dick tickling tease" for when Reddit launches livestreaming for real in the coming months.

Nudes of young Malay women were even turned into custom Telegram sticker packs.

Members can simply hide behind handles and pseudonyms to lurk or even contribute pornographic materials involving young Singaporean women — most of which are shared without the ladies’ permission.

The group is no longer live on Telegram, but at the point of its closure, it had over 44,000 active members — a shocking number that’s made even more appalling when it was revealed within chats that there were up to 46,000 at its peak.

Promising fixes to erectile dysfunction and better stamina in bed, the brands being sold are not unlike the ones seen on the streets of Geylang. One positive offshoot that has come out from the ghastly hullaballoo is another Telegram group chat similarly titled SG Nasi Lemak.

Though it's unclear when the group was set up, it was only over the last couple of days that the local Twitterverse became aware of its existence. This time around, they’re taking back the name of the beloved dish — over 100 members are chatting about actual nasi lemak and where to find them.

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